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The Tragic Cycle

For generations mothers have taken their children to the streets of Kuta and Denpasar to beg.


It’s due to the fact that their villages up in the mountains of Batur and Agung have no water, no schools, no hospitals and no income.



For 12 hours a day, children beg for pennies, alone — leaving them vulnerable to sex trafficking.


Not only do we aid mothers and their children who have been begging on the streets and give them refuge at our Safe house -we teach the mothers skills so that they can earn a living and not take their children back to the streets to beg.

100% of our revenue goes back to mothers and their children, and our workshops are run by the families we’ve helped — who profit from their newfound skills.

We also educate the children, so they grow up with the means to break the cycle.

By saving families once, they’re empowered to sustain themselves for generations.


Why Donate?


For just $25, we can provide a mum or child with two weeks of:

  1. Safe Housing
  2. Clean Clothing
  3. Useful Education
  4. Medical Aid and Counseling

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