Bali Street Mums, a registered nonprofit organization, began over six years ago as a passion of founder Kim Farr. In 2014, Kim’s heart for serving led her from the New Zealand to Despensar, Bali where she began volunteering at a refuge for street kids.

When the refuge tragically shut down, Kim was compelled to find a way to keep contributing. There was still so much left to be done! With an intense desire to serve, Kim found a way, working out of a one room shack to continue assisting the mothers and children in the nearby slums. Thus began the seed that became Bali Street Mums.

Balinese Women and Children in particular face extreme challenges to survival. High unemployment and little education, infant mortality and malnutrition. Add to this the danger of trafficking and forced prostitution. Unsanitary conditions in substandard housing, lack of running water, prevalent sewage.


Despite Bail’s tourism focused reputation as an island paradise, the beauty of its beaches and blissful waters hide the tragic poverty of its people. Roughly 25 million people in Indonesia live below the poverty line. A further 20 percent teeter on the brink, with income just marginally above poverty1. In rural Bali the desperation is amplified. Its villages face poverty rates above 35 percent .

Since its origins in a one room shack, Bali Street Mums has empowered over 400 women and children of Denpasar with desperately needed resources. Our programs focus on empowerment through education, housing, skill development, and nutrition.




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