Meet the Team

Kim Farr


Kim has worked for eight years with impoverished children and mothers in Bali.  She comes from New Zealand .  When she arrived in Bali eight years ago she was deeply troubled to see children and mothers begging on busy roads late at night. Children suffering malnutrition,  abuse and illnesses.  She has since committed her life to aiding these children and their mothers.
She found a house next to the slums where many of these mothers and children live in shacks.  The house is now a home for the children and mothers that need intensive care and protection.  It is also a food / medical aid centre and school which supports over 80 children , 32  mothers and many babies.
Bali Street Mums received a decrees from the Human Rights Ministry of Indonesia 3 years ago.

Ibu Ira

Ira is our legal and social aid. She rescues children and mothers from horrific situations. Children who have been assaulted and abused. Ira works tirelessly to ensure that these children receive protection, medical aid and counselling. She ensures the children and mothers cultural needs are met and helps them to obtain birth certificates and identity cards.

Ira rescued little Wayan who was begging on the streets. Wayans right eye was damaged by a knife assault and was causing extreme pain. Ira took Wayan straight to the hospital where she was told the eye must be removed . Ira had to work hard to ensure the surgery and that a new false eye made. Wayan is in this photo with Ira. Ironically, Ira lost her right eye to assault. Ira and Wayan have a very special bond and it is wonderful to see how Ira has carried Wayan through this extremely painful and difficult time.

House Mother

Regina grew up in poverty.She taught herself English and is a great asset to our Foundation.She takes care of the day to day running of the Safe house.There are always beds to make up, towels to change and provisions to be purchased.She teaches the mothers to cook nutritious meals (and in turn the mothers are paid a salary to cook).Regina also teaches the mothers englidhhow to manage our market tables.

Ibu Melli

Ibu Melli is our pre school teacher.  Each day she teaches the younger children how to play, sing and dance.  Many of these children from the moment they could walk were begging or selling tissues on the streets of Bali.  They need to learn how to play, hold a crayon and laugh.  

Pak Tole

Pak Tolle is our security guard. Tolle rescues children from dangerous situations and provides security for them. He is also a very good cook!

Children’s Education and Mothers empowerment Coordinator

Lufti works tirelessly to ensure that all the children can receive an education.The problem for most of the children is they do not have the opportunity to go to school in their younger years as they are working on the streets.Often we find children begging or trafficked older than nine or ten years of age.Lufti must ensure they can read and write before they can enter a formal school.
Lufti also works with the mothers . The mothers have never had the opportunity to go to school and so Lufti teaches them to read and write, life skills and training.