Meet the Team

Kim Farr


Six years ago Kim volunteered in a refuge for street kids , teaching the mothers how to make dolls and crafts. The refuge  shut down and She continued working with the mothers and children in the nearby slums working out of a one room shack .  Bali Street Mums and Kids Project received a decree from the Human Rights department of Indonesia last year caring for 40 children and 12 mothers.


Director / Child Psychologist

Diandra was abandoned as a child and was begging on the streets. She was adopted by a family and given the opportunity to attend University. As a result Diandra has a degree in Child Psychology and Social work, and has worked with impoverished children for the last six years in Indonesia. Diandra works with the children in the slums and on the streets every day ensuring they are fed, schooled, taken to hospital and receive the care and nurturing they need.

Regina Kaka

Regina was an impoverished mother who taught herself English. She nows runs the market stand helping the mothers to sell their handcrafts. Dolls, glasses cut from recycled bottles and jewellery.

Ibu Tuti House Mother

Ibu Tutti is our House Mother. She cooks delicious, nutritious meals for the children. She also teaches the children and mothers to cook.

Ibu Mega

Ibu Mega is our multi tasking teacher, social aid, hairdresser. She not only takes care of the childrens learning needs hospital visits, activities but is also their personal hairdresser.